Have you experienced Psychological Trauma?

Most of us will be exposed to distressing or difficult events in our lifetime. In some cases these traumatising experiences can have a long term effect on our mental health. Psychological trauma can have a profound impact on your ability to carry out your normal daily life. Our psychologists can help people who may have experienced a difficult, traumatic childhood and the impact this may have had on your sense of self, confidence, relationships and ability to achieve life goals.

Focused Psychology is passionate about working with trauma, stabilisation and recovery.

How Focused Psychology Can Help:

At Focused Psychology we have substantial experience in working with trauma, stabilisation and recovery. We have been trained in a number of empirically based treatments for PTSD and complex trauma and aim to provide our clients what is considered best practice in the field. You can feel assured and safe in knowing that by working with us you are in compassionate, understanding and experienced hands.

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